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Weight loss isn’t going to magically happen without YOUR input! However, we’re going to start working with you and talk about your expectations and from there establish your weight loss goals.

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Hypnosis for losing weight isn’t going to magically happen without YOUR input! However, we’re going to start working with you and talk about your expectations and from there establish your weight loss goals.

Slim Via Hypnosis weight loss strategies that are in this programme are in place to keep YOU on track.

You see it’s all about YOU and we want your success as much as you do!

In our hypnosis for losing weight programme, we have essential hand outs for you and each session you will be given a Magazine style handout,  so there will be 4 in total.

Looking at the psychology behind why you are gaining weight, now we can dig deep here and really keep digging deep to get to the core reason why you haven’t lost weight.

And the proverbial ‘icing on the cake’ (sorry)  are the 4 hypnosis scripts that are tailored JUST FOR YOU!!….

…..these are MP3 downloads that you can listen to anytime and motivating to reach your goal and you may find that this has a knock on affect in other areas in your life!


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 Does Hypnotherapy Work for Food Addictions?

Food addictions can develop as we go through life or from when we were a child and can trigger you to eat certain comfort foods that make you feel good and temporary alleviate the stress at the time. Hypnotherapy for food addictions can help you in many ways.  

Hypnosis and Emotional Eating

As a hypnotherapist I will look at your lifestyle with you to see what you are doing and perhaps what emotions are connected to this food addiction. The hypnotherapy work that we do together, because as I said earlier, the hypnotherapy work for this food addiction is as much about your input as mine, I will be guiding you and perhaps pointing out areas that you didn’t realise were triggering you to eat certain foods.

Your behaviour that occurs when you are in a certain mindset determine your actions when you start emotional eating. Some lifestyle changes may be needed to be tweaked and we can look at this together during our hypnotherapy sessions together.

Hypnosis for Healthy Lifestyle

Just small lifestyle changes can lead to a healthier you and hypnosis can help make these changes.  But simple changes that you can do yourself can be of enormous benefit to you and your weight loss journey.  For instance, are you resting enough? Do you exercise, now I’m talking about taking the stairs instead of the lift!   Going for a ten minute walk can improve your mental outlook, just getting that fresh air in your lungs will have a huge impact on your mood.

It is widely known that experts have been saying for a while now that these lifestyle changes help reduce stress and anxiety,  giving your mood a boost which will improve your overall well being.  This in itself can rid you of bad habits.  

This may seem all too simple but these are actually very powerful tools to treat your addictions. 

Coupled with hypnotherapy and bingo you have a turbo charged tool to conquer this emotional eating.

Do I Need to Make Dietary Changes

With Slim Via Hypnosis I am going to work with you and we will look at the best lifestyle that is going to be beneficial for you.  I will help you choose the healthy eating choices that you like, there will be no set diet per se!

We will be looking at foods that are the most detrimental to your health and how you can cut back if you don’t want to eliminate them altogether.

Perhaps some of these emotional foods are connected with low self esteem and trigger your pleasure senses.

Slim Via Hypnosis programme will look at every area in your life and will deliver the right suggestions for you to your subconscious mind and these suggestions will be aligned with your values and core beliefs so they won’t be rejected.

So by having hypnotherapy for emotional eating you are going to gain a whole lot more. You mind and body will get into tip top condition, freeing you from negative emotions and sicknesses that can cause depression. which happens to be one of the reasons why some people become addicted to substances and bad habits.

Emotional Eating Hypnosis

Sleeping and Emotional Eating

Sleep has a very strong effect on a person’s mood. Getting enough sleep will help lower cortisol levels which can have an effect on your weight.  Everything becomes less tolerable when you don’t get enough sleep and it’s easy to reach for the biscuit tin or the chocolate bar. Fatigue, sadness, moodiness and irritability are also caused by sleep deprivation. So make sure that you get enough sleep on a regular basis and you will benefit from all of your body systems functioning properly.

Relaxation and Managing Stress

A little stress is okay but when it is too much, you know that you are in for some trouble. Practice useful relaxation and meditation techniques that can help lower your stress levels, reduce anxiety and help you unwind.

On the Slim Via Hypnosis programme I will be teaching you self hypnosis that you can easily practice for as little as 10 minutes a day.

Why is Exercise Important?

With regular exercise, you not only stay both physically and mentally fit. Your mood improves and it does help you sleep and this has a knock on affect to your mood, motivation and increases your strength and energy.T When you exercise your body starts to release endorphins into your bloodstream giving you this ‘feel good’ factor that also serve as natural pain killers.

Endorphins can improve your mood, making you feel good about yourself and the world around you. Exercise also lessens the level of cortisol, or the depression or stress hormone in your bloodstream. All of these lifestyle changes are simple but can really go a long way for you to stop your bad habits in more ways than one.

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